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Since 2012 we are technical partners temporiuso, a research-action project started in 2008 in partnership with Cantieri Isola and associations of Milan, under the auspices of the 'Department of Culture the Province of Milan and Development Department of the Municipality of Milan. Since 2009 research has had the support and contribution of researchers and trainees in the laboratory multiplicity.lab, DiAP Politecnico di Milano and was started, a network of partnerships with associations, activists and researchers at local and international level.
The project is aimed, for now, the municipality and the province of Milan and proposes to use existing buildings and open spaces empty, abandoned or underutilized property public or private, to reactivate them with projects related to the world of culture and associations, crafts and small business, hospitality temporary student and youth travel, contracts for temporary use to rent control.

Projects archive
_superpowell skatepark, skatepark construction in Milan BadenPowell garden.
_temporiuso x Milano, partner on technical issues of temporary reuse and models of urban regeneration in the gaps as common goods and catalysts city, support the start-up of the spaces and DIY.
_made in mage, setting up spaces for workshops and laboratories at the former General Stores Falck (Ma.Ge) of Sesto San Giovanni.