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In 2009 we moved to our current laboratory in via Tertulliano, in the district of Molise Calvairate, a very stimulant and heterogeneous area where to continue our path of growth and sharing.
Our history and location have taught us the importance of being an active part of the city in which you live, and it is for this reason that in 2011 along with other creative professionals, we founded the association Distretto Creativo Nil28.
The name stands for Core Identity Local n. 28, inspired by this piece of code with which the city has been identified in the new map of Milan’s districts. The area is densely populated by creative businesses, artists, architects and cultural operators.
The Association wants to promote cultural activities and initiative in a real synergy between the world of creativity and professional and physical place of production. The idea is that creative professionals and all together, at the service of the place in which they operate, are a real added value for the same portion of the city. In addition, research must be produced in the place in which it develops, the perfect setting for a first concrete experimentation. In this way, the benefit of creative production activities could fall, first of all, the neighborhood reasserting itself over time.