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Laboratorio Controprogetto designs and realizes single furnitures, interiors, exhibitions and public spaces using recycled materials. Controprogetto was born in 2003 in Milan to the inside experience of urban requalification participants of the Stecca degli Artigiani, an old factory in the Island district, containing multidisciplinary crafts, associations and art. We were a group of friends, students looking for a container in which to experiment, to build, feel free, to contribute to creating a better city with interesting and committed people. Our first project was a playground for a lost village of Kosovo. On that occasion the IT lab had been equipped at Controprogetto, and since then has never ceased to build, design, and experiment. We were in the Stecca for 5 years, before it was demolished because it was incompatible with the urban scenarios in that district. In these years, the group has grown, enriched by people, meetings, incentives and projects. Since 2006 it has defined our composition. A good balance of skills and complementary characteristics, in the continuous process of transformation of the differences in synergies. In 2009, we left the island and we arrived at Via Tertullian 70, a new territory rich in stimuli and heterogeneous reality in which to continue our growth path.

Controprogetto is: Matteo Prudenziati, Alessia Zema.


We use recycled materials because we are fascinated by the history and life. The history written in every trace of color, in each graphic, and in each sign of time. The life of objects, the potential presence in every scrap of matter to find new uses, meaning and combinations. We have never been afraid to get our hands dirty here, struggled to extract the nails and screws that nobody wanted to pull out, a process that no machine can do. We have discovered that under the grey skin of time the wood remains protected, and that often the history etched in the material is what makes it unique and that this is not a defects but its character. We have learned to know the materials by using them, touching them and watching their behavior. For this, we always select the appropriate materials that are adequate to the environment in which they will be placed. As other creative professionals in our generation we have grown into a world of abundance that have invented the refusal, the garbage. A category of the mind that has invaded the space of raw material. We have never shared the pleasure of wasting resources only because we can allow our instinctive and natural reaction to something in which we could not find direction. For this reason, our name is Controprogetto. By the critical need to immediately get to the project. We are craftsmen, we are not content to complain about the things that do not go well, we design, we propose, we build.