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BRIChECO is a project born from the collaboration of Controprogetto and Legambiente.

Since we have equipped our first laboratory in Stecca degli Artigiani we have always wanted to open our doors and share our experience in craftworld both bricoleurs that merely curious.
We belive that creativity and human genius live in each of us, but often we lack in confidence in our own abilities.
BRIChECO was born for this.
BRIChECO is an open laboratory dedicated to those who have a plan and want to realize it. Who has time and has no money to those who have projects but has no place. Who wants to wonder of his handicraft and sit in a selfmade chair, making something that does not exist. Who does not love the wasteful and unjustified exploitation of the resources of the planet. To Geppetto and Pinoccio that is within us.